August 2018

My painting of The Nanteos Cup has been accepted by  The National Library of Wales - Llfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru.

The cup is one of Wales’ most mysterious objects. It looks like the remains of a small, old wooden bowl and for many years was kept by the family living at Nanteos just outside Aberystwyth. Legend had it that it was the Holy Grail - the cup used at The Last Supper. It had healing properties, so it was claimed. A few years ago the cup was stolen and after it was recovered by the police the family entrusted the cup to the national library for safe-keeping and display. The words in my picture translate ‘and he took the cup’ and are taken from the Gospel account of The Last Supper.



A new work:
St Michael the Archangel - not as a medieval figure in armour, but as a 21st century combatant



The first portrait of the year was pre-Covid and was of Ioan Guile, The Dame in the Aberystwyth Pantomime. It is for exhibition to the Ceredigion Museum


To celebrate her 20th birthday I painted this portrait of granddaughter Carys. Inevitably it had to be done at a distance and from photographs.


On January 1st I woke to find my face paralysed on one side. Bell's palsy was diagnosed and I have lived with the condition since. Inevitably, as an artist, I found it a subject for art and so painted a self-portrait which was later selected for the short-list for The Sequested Prize.

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