Three recent works - The Black Chair celebrates the Welsh poet Hedd Wynn who was posthumously awarded the chair at the 1917 National Eisteddfod, having been killed shortly before at the Battle of Passchendaele. Shot at Dawn also takes a First World War theme and shows the death of a young deserter. 'Is this the Face of Christ?' is an image designed to challenge the church and Hollywood visual stereotypes of Jesus.

The Black Chair of Hedd Wynn

Shot at Dawn

Is this the Face of Christ?



My new work to honour and commemorate organ donors. Made in Unst in sections, assembled in Wales and now hanging at St Thomas' Hospital, London. The idea is that over time new leaves and stars will be added with names of organ donors engraved on them. It is made from cut steel of two different tones and coloured felt.


'Innocence Betrayed' the Remembrance-tide installation under the dome of St Paul's in London to draw attention to the continuing use of children to fight adult's wars. Made from thousands of paper poppies. November 2011



A series of paintings based around the words and incidents from the story of Christ's Passion using iconic images of war and genocide of the last 100 years. Shown Lent 2017 at Gloucester Cathedral and November 2017 at St Bride's, Fleet Street, London.

'My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?'


Etchings on Welsh Slate to mark the 1500th anniversary of the arrival of St Padarn in Wales. 2017

Legends of St Padarn


St John's Church, Unst, Shetland

This is a photograph taken at dawn at the September Equinox of the fish sculpture on the church bell-tower. It was made in 2016 from cut-steel and designed to catch the light in its many forms. The fish shows two texts from The Bible - the opening words of the Book of Genesis and the opening words of the Gospel of St John.

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